I help small businesses to create Growth-Oriented and Sales-Driven websites.

Hello, I am a professional full stack web designer located in Melbourne. My expertise lies in crafting websites that not only reinforce brand value but also foster trust and loyalty among customers.

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Your website should
be a high-performing machine that turns visitors into engaged customers.

Like having a sales person working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your website's primary objective should go beyond mere aesthetics; while having an attractive appearance is advantageous, it should primarily strive to function as a high-performing sales machine, adept at converting a substantial number of visitors into satisfied customers.

I create high-performing websites that:

  • Looks good;
  • Boosts your credibility and authority;
  • Turns visitors into leads.

Your website's success can be significantly enhanced through the integration of sales-driven design and a conversion-focused marketing funnel.A well-implemented marketing funnel guides visitors through a step-by-step journey, encouraging them to take desired actions.By employing a sales-driven design effectively, you position yourself as an industry expert, instilling trust and credibility in your visitors.If you are seeking to optimise your website's performance, I invite you to begin a free consultation below, where I will be more than happy to offer the support you require.

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Client Testimonial

Piper and Gran

Reo is one of the best We’ve  worked with. He delivered exactly what we have envision, made our dream come to live. With professional with what he does. Highly recommend.

Canny - Owner

Hi, my name is Reo Chen.

As a Melbourne-based freelance web designer, I've been fueled by my entrepreneurial spirit and deep creative passion. My focus has been on assisting businesses in elevating brand awareness and achieving strategic objectives through tailor-made websites that perfectly match their vision and values.

Since 2018, I've collaborated with business owners, founders, and marketing personnel, empowering them to enhance their online presence and establish a platform to communicate their messages clearly and effectively to customers.

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Case Study

Sleep Corp®

Australia Coffee Projects

The Flooring Centre

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