Hi, I'm Reo.

I am a Melbourne-based freelance graphic and web designer. My goal is to craft personalised, enduring, and purposeful brand experiences that assist small businesses in conquering their creative hurdles. Collaborating with photographers and web developers, we brainstorm and co-develop projects to fulfil diverse requirements and deliverables.

By day, I work as a in-house graphic designer for a company in Melbourne, while my passion lies in using strategic, elegant, and impactful design to solve business problems on the side.

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I do not function as a typical agency.

With years of industry knowledge and diverse experience as a graphic designer in various companies, you can rest assured that you'll be working with a seasoned professional, who has a proven record of branding and marketing, instead of speaking to one person about the project, and not knowing who will be working on it when your projects are passed around to someone else.

I do not operate in a typical 9-5 timeframe, because it takes a lot more than a corporate job for me to run my freelance business. Like any business owner, I strive for improvements and success, which is why you will find me working early in the morning or late at night, so I am a phone call away almost anytime

Rather than working
on multiple projects all at once, I choose to work with one client at a time. I make sure I do not overlap any projects to maximise my own profits, as I put the quality of my work on the top of my priority list.

As I work on my own, my reputation is paramount to my business, which is why I will always push to create the best results possible to meet my client’s requirements. Ultimately, I rely on my own work to advertise for my business

There is no middle man taking a percentage of your payment, you work directly with me - the person who is going to be creating your designs.

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